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"Kiern Vale"

The website was last updated on 22.2.24

        Chapter 3 of the Kiern Vale book (Melestra's world guide) was uploaded to the website.

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Free Download of the Beginner player rulebook


Expansions: Lands outside or not mentioned in the Kiern Vale Guide


A detailed map of Kiern Vale

(the recommended starting zone)

Monster Appendix

(including detailed battle stats)


To the full (yet not completely edited) game system guide

Misc: Languages, Flora and more


Please note that the English version is new, and right now only contains few pages

(more pages will be translated in the near future).

To read about the entire world of Melestra, which contains thousands of pages about the different aspects of this high fantasy world – from different lands to unique races, monsters and the Melestra gaming system, please check the Hebrew version.


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