Sub Zero

Origin: Magical

Fighting Amazing

Sex Male

Agility Amazing

Health 135

Srength Good

Karma 90

Endurance Monstrous

Popularity 5

Reason Good

Resources Poor

Intuition Amazing

Occupation Former assassin for the lin kuei

Psyche Good

Group affliction Defenders of the earth realm

Talents Occult lore, Mystic background,

Contacts Sub Zero I (brother),Raiden, Liu Kang, Kitana, Sindel, Scorpion, somke and the former members of the Lin Kuei

Powers Cold generation Amazing

Special stunts: Ice statue - Sub Zero can create an ice replica of himself anyone touching that statue will freeze for three rounds. Ice ball - Decreases targets material strength by two ranks, Freezes organic targets for three rounds.

Equipment: Sub zero carries with him a magical freezing wand, anyone touched by it will freeze for three wands, material strength Remarkable

History After Shao Kahn's defeat at the hands of Earth's fighters, Sub-Zero's warrior clan known as the Lin Kuei is disbanded. But with the new threat brought on by Quan Chi, the ice warrior once again dons the familiar costume once worn by his brother the original Sub-Zero. He also holds secrets passed on to him by his sibling-- secrets that could hold the key to stopping Shinnok.

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