Sonya Blade

Origin: Hi tech wonder

Fighting Incredible

Sex Female

Agility Incredible

Health 165

Strength Good

Karma 80

Endurance Amazing

Popularity 10

Reason Incredible

Resources Remarkable

Intuition Good

Occupation Works for the investigating new realms agency (I.N.R.A)

Psyche Remarkable

Group affliction Defenders of the earth realm

Talents Martial arts A, Guns, Law enforcement

Contacts Raiden, Jax, Johny cage, Liu kang, Sindel , Kitana and other members of I.N.R.A

Powers Combat Sense

Equipment: Sonya carries with her a sword , material strength Incredible

Sonya also carries two special devices on her hands which allow her to fire energy bolts Incredible damage

History After her journey into the Outworld and Shao Kahn's near destruction of Earth, Sonya Blade becomes a member of Earth's own Outerworld Investigation Agency. Her first mission leads her to join Liu Kang on his quest to aid thetroubled thunder god, Raiden. She must survive long enough to warn her government of the new menace brought on by Quan Chi.

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