Origin: Deity, God of Fire

Fighting Amazing

Sex Male

Agility Good

Health 185

Strength Amazing

Karma 115

Endurance Monstrous

Popularity 10

Reason Good

Resources Monstrous

Intuition Monstrous

Occupation God of Fire

Psyche Amazing

Group affliction Shinok's army of darkness

Talents Sharp weapons, Occult lore, Mystic background, Leadership

Contacts Quan Chi, Reptile, Scorpion and Reiko

Powers Imitation Amazing Shinok may also imitate the imatee's powers and talents by doing so he loses all of his powers until he regains his normal form. Fire generation Amazing, Growth Incredible


Equipment: Shinok carries with him a giant spear, MS Excellent, Dmg Excellent


Banished to the Netherealm for crimes committed against his once fellow Elder Gods, Shinnok is freed from his confines by Quan Chi. With the aid of a traitor he is then able to overtake the realm of Edenia. From there he wages a war against the Elder Gods, and awaits a chance to enact revenge against the god who banished him there -Raiden

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