Origin: Alien, Demi human

Born to a reptilian race in Edenia

Fighting Incredible

Sex Male

Agility Amazing

Health 130

Strength Good

Karma 30

Endurance Incredible

Popularity -5

Reason Good

Resources Typical

Intuition Good

Occupation Assassin

Psyche Good

Group affliction Shinok's army of darkness

Talents Acrobat, Martial arts AB, Blunt weapons

Contacts Jade, Shung tsung, Shao Kahn, Motaro , Sheeve, Shinok, Quan Chi, Reiko and other members of his race

Powers Acid spit - Reptile can spit acid which can cause incredible damage. Materials with a materiel strength of less then incredible deslove

Lightning speed Good; Wall crawling Incredible; Invisibility Incredible

Equipment: Reptile carries with him a huge mallet material strength excellent damage incredible

History: After Shao Kahn's defeat, Reptile finds himself a fugitive in the realm of Edenia. But when Shinnok takes over the realm, Reptile is quick to join his forces. He holds allegiance to those with great power and his role as a cold-blooded killer earns him Shinnok's trust and a place in his army of darkness.

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