Quan Chi

Origin: Magical

Fighting Good

Sex Male

Agility Incredible

Health 125

Strength Good

Karma 90

Endurance Monstrous

Popularity 0

Reason Incredible

Resources Remarkable

Intuition Incredible

Occupation Arch Sorcerer in Shinok's army

Psyche Incredible

Group affliction Shinok's army of darkness

Talents Ocult lore, Mystic background,

Contacts Shinok, Scorpion, Reptile, Reiko and other members of Shinok's army of darkness

Powers Skull Fire - Quan Chi can fire a green ball that looks like a skull Amazing damage. Teleportaion Incredible

Equipment: Quan Chi carries with him a club material strength Amazing

History A free roaming sorcerer, powerful in the black arts, Quan Chi uses his abilities to free the now evil Elder God Shinnok from his confines in the Netherealm. In exchange for his services, Shinnok has granted Quan Chi the position of Arch-sorcerer of his now expanded Netherealm.

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