Origin: Normal human

Fighting Incredible

Sex Male

Agility Excellent

Health 110

Strength Excellent

Karma 50

Endurance Remarkable

Popularity 10

Reason Good

Resources Typical

Intuition Remarkable

Occupation Member of the White Lotus Society

Psyche Good

Group affliction Defenders of the Earth realm

Talents Weapon specialist, Martial arts A

Contacts  Raiden, Kung lao, Liu Kang, white lotus clan

Powers: Kai has the ability to fire energy balls from his hands (Excellent damage).

Equipment: Kai carries an ancient Japanese sword, Damage Incredible, Material strength incredible.


 A former member of the White Lotus Society,

Kai learned his skills from the great masters throughout Asia.

He journeyed to the Far East after meeting his friend and ally,

Liu Kang, in America. Now, they

reunite to assist Raiden in his battle with Shinnok.

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