Major Jackson briggs

Origin: Altered human (muscular)

Fighting Remarkable

Sex Male

Agility Typical

Health 186

Strength Monstrous

Karma 22

Endurance Monstrous

Popularity 10

Reason Typical

Resources Good

Intuition Good

Occupation Works for the investigating new realms agency (I.N.R.A)

Psyche Typical

Group affliction Defenders of the earth realm

Talents: Martial arts A, Wrestling, Military

Contacts Jony cage, Sonya, Raiden, Kitana, Sub Zero, Sindel , Stryker, Liu Kang, Tanya, Fujin and the agents of I.N.R.A

Powers Jax had both his arms implanted bionic implants. As a result he receives the following powers:


Ground stomp Monstrous

Missile creation Incredible

Lightning speed Remarkable

Equipment: Jax carries with him a huge club, material strength Excellent


When Sonya disappears while tracking the last living member of the Black Dragon, Major Jackson Briggs heads after her. He soon finds that Sonya's mission has led her into a battle with the forces of an evil Elder God. This is a battle they must win or their own world will crumble at the hands of Shinnok.

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