Jony caged

Origin: Undead

Fighting Amazing

Sex: Male

Agility Incredible

Health 130

Strength Good

Karma 0

Endurance Remarkable

Popularity 10

Reason Good

Resources Excellent

Intuition Incredible

Occupation (In his life) an actor

Psyche Remarkable

Group affliction Defenders of the earth realm

Talents Acrobat, Martial arts ABC

Contacts Sonya, Jax, Liu Kang and Raiden

Powers: Kinetic bolts - Cage can fire a green force ball Excellent damage.

Lightning speed Poor Leap Excellent

Equipment: Cage carries with him a sword material strength Incredible


damage Remarkable


After Shao Kahn's defeat, Cage's soul is free to leave to a higher place. From the heavens, he observes his friends engaged in battle. With the heavens in disarray, he learns of the war waged against the Elder Gods by Shinnok. Cage seeks out Raiden to help him restore his deceased soul and join Liu Kang in his quest. Once again, Johnny Cage finds himself fighting alongside Earths greatest warriors.

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