Prince Adam He-Man

Fighting: Amazing / Good

Health: 280 / 100

Agility: Remarkable / Remarkable

Karma: 60 / 60

Strength: Unearthly / Good

Resources: Poor / Amazing

Endurance: Unearthly / Unearthly

Popularity: 20 / 10

Reason: Good / Good

Occupation: Keeper of Castle Grey-Skull / Prince of Eternia

Intuition: Excellent / Excellent

Talents: Martial arts B, Wrestling, Tumbling (Both)

Psyche: Remarkable / Remarkable

Contacts: Crainger, Men at arms, Tila, Orko, Sorceress, King & Queen of Eternia (Parents), Adora / Shira (Sister) (Both)*

* Only Man-at-arms, Orko, Adora/Shira and the sorceress know his secret

He-man's Powers: Leap Amazing, Body armor Amazing. He also has a constant telepathic link with the sorceress.

Adam's powers: None

Equipment (Both): Carries a magical sword of unearthly material strength and Incredible damage.

The sword's powers: Reflection - Unearthly.

Alter ego - Allows Adam so change to He-man and vice versa.

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