Fighting: Excellent

Health: 110

Agility: Incredible

Karma: 30

Strength: Good

Resources: Good

Endurance: Excellent

Popularity: 10

Reason: Good

Talents: Martial arts A, Acrobatics, Tubmling, Weapon master - Boomerang.

Intuition: Good

Contacts: Merklyn & the spectral knights

Psyche: Good

Occupation: Unknown


Animal transformation (Cheetah) Unearthly

The magical staff of Lightning Speed

When the chant is spoken the spirit of speed is summoned. The spirit grants WitterQuick the ability to fly at unearthly speed. This is not a form of teleportaition - he cannot pass through solid objects, but he can pass through holes not smaller than a doggie door. The chant:

"Sheathe these feet in the driving gale,

Make swift these legs, o'er land I sail."

The staff can only be used once. Once used the staff must be recharged at Merklyne's temple.


Witterquick is not just a knight but a great athlete, being the son of a warrior and a master athlete. He can outrun anyone with almost superhuman speed. Fearsomely impulsive and determined, he does not believe in retreat. He is also a skilled hunter and enjoys hunting for his food.

Witterquick accepted the challenge to reach Merklyn's Shrine and entered Iron mountain determined to reach it. However he and a small band of knights found themselves confronted by a hallway of guillotines dropping quickly and preventing their progression. His fellow knights stared in disbelief and decided to turn back, but Witterquick was not going to loose time. "No never go back. Nothings worse than retreat." Running faster than he ever had before, he managed to make it through safely.

For his blinding speed, Witterquick was rewarded with the animal totem of the cheetah. His staff was given the power of near Light speed. Witterquick carries a boomerang which serves as both a short sword and a throwing weapon.

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