Fighting: Remarkable

Health: 76

Agility: Remarkable

Karma: 50

Strength: Typical

Resources: Good

Endurance: Good

Popularity: 0

Reason: Good

Talents: Martial arts A

Intuition: Excellent

Contacts: Merklyn & the darkling knights

Psyche: Good

Occupation: Darkstorm's bodyguard.


Animal transformation (Shark) Unearthly


Virulina is a beautiful yet ruthless knight. An expert in disguise and extortion, she makes a deadly foe for the Spectral Knights, and any man who dares cross her. An excellent swimmer like her nemesis Galadria, she is as deadly underwater as above.

Accepting Merklyn's challenge along with many others, she entered Iron Mountain. Virulina attacked Galadria on a bridge above a large pool. Both fell into the water below to find that they were the intended meal of a giant Octopus.

Wasting no time, Virulina kicked Galadria toward the creature and swam to safety. Virulina was later freed from the Iron Mountain dungeon after she pledged her allegiance to Darkstorm. For exhibiting the killing instinct of a shark underwater, Virulina was rewarded with that totem animal.

Soon after becoming a Darkling Lord, Virulina was insulted by Darkstorm for failing to capture Galadria. She vowed to neither forget nor forgive him. She left with the laughs of the other knights behind her.

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