Fighting: Excellent

Health: 70

Agility: Excellent

Karma: 80

Strength: Good

Resources: Good

Endurance: Incredible

Popularity: 0

Reason: Remarkable

Talents: Martial arts A, Espionage, marksman, Weapon master - swords.

Intuition: Excellent

Contacts: Merklyn & the darkling knights

Psyche: Remarkable

Occupation: Thief


Animal transformation (Lizzard) Unearthly

Machine animation Amazing


Reekonis possibly the greatest thief on Prysmos. As a mercenary he works for those that can meet his price. Before the Age of Science ended he was a infallible thief working in Valarak under different identities.

His grandest scheme was posing as a scientist and creating a so called infallible security system for the banks in Valarak. In reality he could deactivate it as he wished and used it to rob banks and museums without detection. Ectar, then a police detective, saw through his scheme and caught him red handed.

He accompanied his employer, lord Darkstorm through the challenge to reach Merklyn's shrine. While scouting on ahead he found a large chamber housing a giant golem. As Leorics party entered the room he threw a rock at the golems head, awakening it and causing it to attack Leoric.

When the knights reached Merklyn's shrine Reekon was rewarded with the totem animal of the lizard for his stealth and treachery. Having no staff at the time, Recon's power remained hidden until he and Mortdred discovered the Sky Claw, which obeyed Mortdred's will like a powerstaff did for the others. Soon afterwards Reekon gained the Dagger Assault, a vehicle which likewise was operated by his will and focused his powers.

Reekon is a good tactician, marksman, and spy, with a number of skills to his name he is a valuable member of the Darkling Lords. However his main concern is money and will betray anyone for it. As well as offering information to both sides if he is paid well enough. Recon's preferred weapon is a sword with two serrated edges.

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