Fighting: Poor

Health: 44

Agility: Remarkable

Karma: 26

Strength: Typical

Resources: Good

Endurance: Poor

Popularity: 0

Reason: Good

Talents: Leadership, Martial arts A, Weapon schyte.

Intuition: Good

Contacts: Merklyn & the darkling knights.

Psyche: Poor

Occupation: Darkstorm's yes-man


Animal transformation (beetle) Unearthly


Mortdred is the devoted servant of Darkstorm. Loyal to the point of complete stupidity, it is not known why he is so willing to put his life on the line for his cruel lord. In short Mortdred is a bootlicking slave of Darkstorm.

Mortdred serves as a bumbling spy for Darkstorm. Using a primitive glider as fast transport between New Valarak and Darkstorm's Domain. Mortdred showed a great liking of flight. After alerting Darkstorm of Leoric's acceptance to Merklyn's challenge, he and Reekonaccompanied their lord to Iron Mountain. As part of Darkstorm's plan to put his opponents behind him, Mortdred was sent to distract Leoric's party. He did so by calling for help. The chivalrous knights were obliged to give that help. Darkstorm sneaked past while they were preoccupied with Mortdred.

For bootlicking above and beyond the call of duty, Mortdred was rewarded with the totem animal of the beetle, to which he took great offense. However he demonstrated that he warranted it when Darkstorm told him to be silent. Mortdred dropped to his masters feet and begged forgiveness.

Since he had no staff he was given the power to breath magical life into machines and vehicles, a gift which forcefully manifested when his hand touched the Sky Claw for the first time, transferring his symbols from his chest plate onto it.

Mortdred will also act as Darkstorm's messenger, and be catapulted into New Valarak to deliver the demands, and usually ends up being catapulted back over the city walls. Mortdred carries a one-handed scythe with a saw-toothed inner edge.

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