Fighting: Good

Health: 40

Agility: Good

Karma: 30

Strength: Good

Resources: Good

Endurance: Good

Popularity: 0

Reason: Excellent

Talents: Martial arts A

Intuition: Typical

Contacts: Merklyn & the darkling knights

Psyche: Poor

Occupation: Darkstorm's bodyguard.


Animal transformation (Armadillo) Unearthly

The magical staff of Invulnerability

When the magical chant is spoken a force field is generated around the wielder of the staff (Up to remarkable range). The force field will absorb all damage - But will be destroyed if struck by Cryotek's archer. Cindarr's creature will also destroy this field after ten rounds (and then he will disappear) The chant:

"The arrows turn, the swords rebel,

May nothing pierce this mortal shell."

The staff can only be used once. Once used the staff must be recharged at Merklyne's temple.


Youngest of the Darkling Lords, Lexor is a master liar and coward. He desires money and power, but is usually too concerned with his own safety to successfully pursue either. Judging by his character it is likely that he is also a thief.

Lexor was freed along with the others from the dungeon by Darkstorm. They all pledged allegiance to him and were bound to follow their new lord. They awaited Leoric and his party in the dinning hall in ambush. During the resulting battle Lexor adopted his favorite tactic, seeking refuge under a table.

Upon reaching Merklyn's Shrine, Lexor was awarded the totem animal of the armadillo for turning cowardice into a defensive art. His staff was given the power of invulnerability. This power creates an impervious energy dome over the caster, but is cancelled out by Cryotek's bow of might.

Lexor is a coward but he is also cunning. On one occasion Darkstorm ordered his knights to give him tribute. Lexor whispered his dislike of this to Cravex in order to anger him and make him attack Darkstorm. Unfortunately Cravex saw through his plan and punched him out.

Another time, Lexor believed great power was hidden within the Sun Imps tomb. He teased cindarrr, tricking him into unleashing his power of destruction, smashing open the tomb. Lexor is quick to put others in his place when he sees danger. He will (almost) always run from battle unless Darkstorm is there to stop him. His true feelings on most other people are only spoken behind their backs.

Lexor's weapon is a double-hook, relatively worthless for attacking but good for throwing and for catching his foes' weapons.

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