Fighting: Excellent

Health: 80

Agility: Excellent

Karma: 90

Strength: Good

Resources: Good

Endurance: Remarkable

Popularity: 20

Reason: Remarkable

Talents: Leadership, Martial arts A, Weapon master - Whip

Intuition: Remarkable

Contacts: Merklyn & the spectral knights

Psyche: Remarkable

Occupation: Mayor of new Valark


Animal transformation (Lion) Unearthly

The magical staff of wisdom

When the magical chant is spoken the spirit of wisdom will come and guide Lerioc. The spirit will NOT reveal facts but will suggest a course of action.

NOTE: It speaks in riddles.

The chant:

"Whispered secrets of a shattered age,

I summon you, renew this sage"

The staff can only be used once. Once used the staff must be recharged at Merklyne's temple.


Leoric is the elected leader of the city of New Valarak, and during the Age of Science he was the mayor of Valarak. A wise and couragous ruler, who listens to both his council and his people. Always promising to solve the problems of those in need. It was his idea to start the Spectral Knights in order to fight the Darkling Lords, lead by Darkstorm.

When Merklyn first came to New Valarak Leoric was willing to listen to the Wizard's strange words of magic. Accepting Merklyn's challenge, he along with many others entered Iron Mountain to reach Merklyn's Shrine.

During the many trials Leoric demonstrated his courage and wisdom by charging a giant golem. He reasoned that the giant had never been attacked before, and it would not know what to do. The giant fled from battle.

Upon reaching the Shrine of Merklyn he and the other Knights were rewarded with magical powers. Leoric was given the magical Totem of the lion, representing his courage and noble birth. His staff was also given a power, that of wisdom.

Leoric's weapon of choice is his powerful whip. He has great skill in using it, able to use it for less aggressive acts; such as whipping a weapon from an opponent, or wrapping it around their legs and force them off balance.

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