Fighting: Good

Health: 46

Agility: Excellent

Karma: 80

Strength: Typical

Resources: Good

Endurance: Good

Popularity: 10

Reason: Remarkable

Talents: Martial arts A, Acrobatics

Intuition: Remarkable

Contacts: Merklyn & the spectral knights

Psyche: Good

Occupation: Unknown


Animal transformation (Dolphin) Unearthly


Galadria is a beautiful knight from Androsia. She often served as a diplomat to New Valarak before she became a Spectral knight. She is both brave and intelligent, a good swimmer and close friend of Cryotek. Galadria ventured through Iron Mountain by herself.

While crossing a bridge over a large pool, she sensed her enemy Virulina behind her and the two fought. both fell from the bridge and into the pool below, having to put their battle aside in order to avoid the tentacles of a hungry giant octopus. Galadria was caught by a tentacle, grabbing hold of a plug hole she wrenched it free as she was pulled past. The pool was drained of the water and the octopus let go. Galadria swam to the safety, narrowly escaping death.

Galadria was rewarded with the totem animal of the dolphin, representing her intelligence underwater.

Galadria is in love with the knight Cryotek. In the "Age of Magic Begins, part two" she makes a special journey to catch up with Cryotek before she leaves for Androsia, wanting to say good bye in person.

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