Fighting: Good

Health: 100

Agility: Remarkable

Karma: 90

Strength: Good

Resources: Good

Endurance: Remarkable

Popularity: 20

Reason: Remarkable

Talents: Detective, Martial arts A, Weapon master - Dual bladed claw.

Intuition: Incredible

Contacts: Merklyn & the spectral knights

Psyche: Good

Occupation: Detective


Animal transformation (Fox) Unearthly

Machine animation Amazing


Before the age of science came to an end, Ectar was a detective for Valarak's police force. Once the Age of magic began his role in the city became more important. He became a knight of the New Valarak council and close friend to both Leoric and Feryl.

During the trial of reaching Merklyn's Shrine, Ectar's detective knowledge was put to good use. Sensing a trap while walking with Leoric and Feryl, Ectar sneaked off down a side corridor, while his two companions continued with out notice. He found that the Darkling Lords awaited Leoric in ambush, as he had suspected.

Reaching Merklyn's Shrine he was rewarded with the totem animal of the fox. Since he had no staff he was given the power to breath magical life into any machine or vehicle. After finding the Lancer Cycle, his power became focused through it, much as powerstaffs focused those of his comrades.

Ectar's preferred weapon is a dual bladed claw which is strapped to his lower arm and wrist, designed to cut through armor. With it he could inflict a great deal of damage if that was his nature, but fortunately for his enemies he is not cruel hearted. Ectar rides the Lancer Cycle.

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