Fighting: Excellent

Health: 70

Agility: Good

Karma: 100

Strength: Good

Resources: Good

Endurance: Remarkable

Popularity: 0

Reason: Incredible

Talents: Leadership, Martial arts A, Weapon master - Axe.

Intuition: Remarkable

Contacts: Merklyn & the darkling knights.

Psyche: Remarkable

Occupation: Leader of the darkling knights


Animal transformation (mollusk) Unearthly

The magical staff of decay

This staff is different then all others because it has two powers: Decay & Restore.

Decay - Acts as a biophysical control (decay) with an amazing rank (and range)

Restore - Removes the effects of decay

(not necessarily that of this staff)

The chant of decay:

"by what creeps, what crawls, by what does not,

Let all that grows recede and rot."

The chant of restore:

"Power of rot, obscuring truth,

What once was old, restore to youth."

As stated before this staff is different than others because it has two powers. Each of the powers can be used once. When one power is used the other still works (but again only once). The staff must be recharged at Marklyne's temple before reactivating the lost power(s).


Darkstorm is the evil ruler of Darkstorm's Domain and it's surrounding kingdom. He is a tyrant who overtaxes his subjects and enjoys their fear of him. He is always looking to expand his kingdom to include New Valarak, and has tried unsuccessfully with several sieges of the city.

His arch foe is Leoric, the leader of New Valarak, and of the Spectral Knights. When Merklyn came offering his challenge to Darkstorm, he had the "old one" thrown out of his castle via the trap door. Not believing in the nonsense of magic. Upon learning of Leoric's acceptance of the challenge he was quick to change his mind, not wishing to allow his opponent an advantage.

Throughout the tricks and traps of Iron Mountain, Darkstorm threw in his own to keep the other knights behind him. However he fell down a narrow pit trap while wandering blindly in the dark. Darkstorm managed to wedge himself between the walls and carefully edge his way back up. Finding several of the evil knights tied up in a dungeon he offered to free them, only if they would pledge allegiance to him. Thus the Darkling Lords were born.

For his climbing skill and overall 'sliminess' Darkstorm was rewarded with the totem animal of the mollusk. His staff was given the power to decay.

Darkstorm delights in games that involve death. He had at one time a chess board built in his throne room on which people dressed as pieces. Upon capturing an opponents piece a trap door would open and the unfortunate person would fall into a pit of anything from hay to fire to the moat.

Darkstorm wields a cruel, two-bladed axe.

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