Fighting: Excellent

Health: 100

Agility: Good

Karma: 34

Strength: Remarkable

Resources: Good

Endurance: Incredible

Popularity: 20

Reason: Good

Talents: Leadership, Martial arts A, Wrestling, Weapon master - Morning star

Intuition: Excellent

Contacts: Merklyn & the spectral knights

Psyche: Poor

Occupation: Ruler of the northlands.


Animal transformation (Bear) Unearthly

The magical staff of might

When the chant is spoken the spirit of an archer is summoned. The archer shoots one arrow of Class 1000 intensity. The arrow will negate the powers of the staffs of destruction & invulnerability. The chant:

"Three suns aligned, pour forth their light,

And fill the archer's bow with might "

The staff can only be used once. Once used the staff must be recharged at Merklyne's temple.


Cryotek is a tall northman, who rules the frozen kingdom of Northalia. Eldest of the Spectral Knights, he is man of few words and quick to temper, but kind at heart. He is the strongest and bravest knight known on Prysmos, and is feared by his enemies, so few have the courage to challenge him to a duel, although many decline when he challenges them.

Cryotek took up Merklyn's challenge as did many other knights. He was confronted by the only man that could match his strength, cindarr. cindarr smashed a group of stalactites down imprisoning Cryotek in the rubble. However Cryotek's raw power saved him, as he managed to burst out from the rocks with a fearsome roar, causing cindarr to turn and flee. His reward was the totem animal of the bear. In addition his staff was given the power of strength.

Cryotek is in love with Galadria, a beautiful female knight with whom he has quested often. The two share this fondness for each other but have never directly said they love each other. Cryotek is too shy to admit it, although it is obvious to both of them.

Cryotek's weapon is a 3-headed morning star which he wields with great skill. In some cases he has also been known to wield an over-sized sword. Cryotek can throw his three headed morning star like a bola.

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