Fighting: Excellent

Health: 100

Agility: Good

Karma: 20

Strength: Remarkable

Resources: Good

Endurance: Incredible

Popularity: 0

Reason: Good

Talents: Martial arts A, Wrestling, intimidation.

Intuition: Typical

Contacts: Merklyn & the darkling knights

Psyche: Poor

Occupation: Darkstorm's bodyguard.


Animal transformation (Phylot) Unearthly

The magical staff of destruction

When the magical chant is spoken the target(s) will see their greatest fears. They will be paralyzed for 11-20 rounds (1d10 + 10). The target can make a Psyche FEAT with a -3 CS to avoid this effect. The chant:

"'O mist-filled pits, dark, dank, unclear,

Touch all 'fore me with frost-fingered fear."

The staff can only be used once. Once used the staff must be recharged at Merklyne's temple.


Cravex is a northern warrior with pale skin, black hair, and a throaty voice which used to shouting. Without a doubt, he has the shortest temper on all Prysmos. A simple complaint is enough to get him enraged, and when he is angry he can take out all the Darkling Lords. So it is wise to choose words carefully in his company.

Cravex entered Iron Mountain by himself, and set traps for the other knights. After cutting down a bees nest and causing a party of knights to flee the corridor, he scavenged through their dropped belongings and weapons. He was awarded the totem animal of the Phylot, the only airborne scavenger on Prysmos. His staff was given the power of fear.

Cravex delights in violence and loves to vent his aggression out at anything. He enjoys watching his enemies suffer and is a born psychopath.

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