Fighting: Excellent

Health: 66

Agility: Remarkable

Karma: 80

Strength: Typical

Resources: Good

Endurance: Good

Popularity: 10

Reason: Incredible

Talents: Martial arts A, Acrobatics, Physics, Engineering, Weapon master - Dagger.

Intuition: Good

Contacts: Merklyn & the spectral knights

Psyche: Good

Occupation: Scientist


Animal transformation (Eagle) Unearthly

The magical staff of Knowledge

When the chant is spoken the spirit of knowledge is summoned. The spirit can tell Arzon a fact of history, geography or science. It will NOT give him advice, or tell him the thoughts of other people. The chant:

" A whim, a thought, and more is sought,

Awake, my mind, thy will be wrought. "

The staff can only be used once. Once used the staff must be recharged at Merklyne's temple.


Arzon is a well educated knight, who uses his skills to help animals and serves as a ranger in the wild untamed lands outside of New Valarak. He always sees hope, and does not give up. He is the most polite and gentle of the Spectral knights.

Arzon entered Iron Mountain to reach Merklyn's shrine as did many other knights, in order to get the magical reward that Merklyn had offered. He planned to use it to benefit the animals he spent his life protecting.

While crossing an old rope bridge Darkstorm had it cut loose at the end, causing Arzon and others to fall down into the deep chasm bellow them. Arzon managed to grab onto a small tree growing out from a ledge and save himself. He was taunted by the Darkling lords while he clung to the ledge, but did not give up hope. Using the vines and leaves surrounding him he was able to construct bird like wings. "It is not a problem, it is a cleverly disguised opportunity." he glided down over to the other side.

He was rewarded with the totem animal of the eagle. His staff was given the power of knowledge. His weapon is a small dagger of odd-design, having two blades crossing each other and four points.

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