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The Death of Belief / by Yiftach - A story based on the world of Ballerium (created by the way by Israelis, for more information see:

The Death of Belief / by Yiftach

It was high noon yet Kendrix had no interest in this issue, his mind and soul were focused on his audience. He tried to imagine what the reactions to his news will be, panic will be unavoidable, afterwards chaos that will lead into the fall of the government, unless his trust in the humanity will be assured. The technician was unable to determine how exactly his life lead him here- the first speaker of the high council, but nothing in his past readied him to this day. He saw the impatient faces of the crowd and began the rest of his life: "I know you all have work of high importance, yet within the next 15 minutes your priority scale will be changed for ever. I am sure you are all familiar with the project, yet some of you might need to refresh their memory: the plan is based on three core principles: First, the ballerians will never achieve space travel technology. Second, the ballerians will be never aware of our presence. And third, the ballerians will never achieve fully mystical status. As we all know the first perception was never in danger, while the second was stretched but still in the safety boundaries. Yet for the generations past we neglected the third perception, for you their "Avatars" are nothing but toys, and for a reason considering that our children as an equal strength, yet several of this "toys" have jeopardized the entire plan!" Then, calmly, with only a whispering to the last lines he continued "through my calculations I have reached the conclusion that due to a burst of radiation off ballerium our beloved sun will die into a gigantic supernova, making our world inhabitable". He saw the shock spreading through the hall and knew that now is the only time in which he would have any impact on their souls so he shouted "Listen to me! I have not finished! There is a way we could be saved if we would only work together. I started this speech talking about your works and priority scale, if we are to show our humanity we must help each other by the means I have already suggested to your leaders, work with them, not against! Otherwise all of our plans will be ruined". And by that, he stepped down the rostrum.

The End (for now...)

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