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אורי הרשקוביץ
MTGil Apprentice
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הצטרף: 08/1/2012 , 10:21


שליחה על ידי אורי הרשקוביץ » 04/6/2014 , 19:29

vendilion clique X2
snapcaster mage X2
tarmogoyf X2
darkslick shores X4
creeping tar pit X4
twilight mire
flooded grove
sunken ruins
slaughter pact X2
inquisition of kozilek X4
lilana of the veil X3

Angels grace
Serra avenger
Tempered steel
Fabled hero
Renounce the guilds (foil)
Windborn muse
Hour of reckoning
Emeria angel
Wall of reverence
Kobgming, sleeping dragon
Serra avatar
Three dreams
Jace memory adept
Have Architect of thought JVV
Lu xun, scholar general
Cryptic command foil
Gifts ungiven
Scion of oona
Deadeye navigator jap foil
Uyo, silent prophet
Echo mage
Decree of silence
Nistgollow griffin foil
Sphinx of lost truths
Battle of wits
Dictate of kruphix
Mind unbound
Arcane melee
Jace's archivist
Trench gorger
Sepulchral primordial
Bridge from below
Underworld connections
Agent of the fates
Herald of torment
Worst fears
Exquisite blood
Cabal patriarch jap
Diabolic revelation
Sever the bloodline
Nefarox, overlord of grixis
Incendiary command
Chandra nalaar
Diaochan, artful beauty (CA)
Pyromancers swath
Blistering firecat
Molten primordial
Burn at the stake
Comet storm
Pulse of the forge
Strake of rather
Ancient hellkite
Earthquake (portal)
Kuldotha phoenix
Crucible of fire
Obsidian fireheart
Hellkite igniter
Beacon of destruction
Tyrant of discord
Charmbreaker devils
Fated conflagration
Devil' play
Conquering manticore
Squee, goblin nabob
Sylvan caryatid
Troll ascetic
Ohran viper
Reverent hunter
Life from the loam
Arbor colossus
Dictate of karametra
Wild defiance
Magus of the vineyard
Plow under
Elvish archdruid
Vernal bloom
Protean hydra
Word of wilding
Force of nature
Vastwood hydra
Fated intervention
Muraganda petroglyphs
Mistcutter hydra
Phyrexian hydra
Molder slug
Daybreak ranger
Doubling chant
Essence of the wild
Shizuko, caller of autumn
Vinelasher kudzo
Setessan tactics
Prophet of kruphix
Maelstrom wanderer (CA)
Iroas, god of victory
Ruric thar, the unbowed Chinese
Sire of insanity
Baleful strix
Nekusar, the minrazer
Cruel ultimatum
Ghost council of orzhova
Oona, queen of the Fae
Grand arbiter augustin IV
Vela the night clad (CA)
Dragonlair spider (CA)
Slaughter games
Edric, spymaster of trest (CA)
Realm Razer
Lotleth troll
Loxodon smiter
Galkenrath aristocrat
Teysa, envoy of ghosts
Duskmantle seer
Divinity of pride
Spark trooper
Wayfaring temple
Epic experiment
Oros. The avenger
Simis sky swallower
Notion thief
Death grasp
Ulasht, the hate seed jap
Aethermage's touch
Whispering madness
Tymaret the muder king
Beion stoutarm
Champion helm
Trading post
Sundering titan
Tangle wire (FTV)
Elbrus, the binding blade
Knowledge pool
Ratchet bomb
Sruidic satchel
Creepy doll
Percourser golem
Runchanter's pike
Contested war zone
Magosi, the waterveil
Moorland haunt
Contested cliffs
Nephalia drownyard
Alchemists refuge
Slayer's stronghold

glisterner elf
Searing spear
Gather the townsfolk
Duregar hedge-mage
Selkie hedge-mage
Nwarhearth stalker
Golem's heart
Curse of wizardry
Maze's end
Mayor of avabruck
Hypersonic dragon
Moinsilver spear
Yixid jailer
Arena mountain
Dci mountain
Dxi plains

Full art:
Treasure mage
Volcanic fallout

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