Dueol's History

Here is Duerol's History, Broken Down To Ages:
Note: BC is - Before Completion. AC is - After Completion.

-The Gods' Age (36,000,000-20,000,000 BC) Right click this then Save Target As, to download the .PDF file.
The first creations of the gods, from the plane to the Ereldor. This age comes after the death of the Fragile, which will be explained in the history of this age.

-The Age of Final Creations (20,000,000-5,000,000 BC)    .PDF file Dowload Here
The final creations of the gods, and some northern wars. this age gives tou some insight of what is happening in the north of Duerol

-The Age of the Forsakers (5,000,000 - 0 BC)   
The time of the godforsaken people, and the religous wars of Duerol.

Soon, I will finish writing more of the ages.

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