First built for protection of a legendry monster, one which was never seen, and only heard of, but, after consulting with the Ereldor, the northern allied kingdom (namely, The Northern Realm, The Worhes and Lanis) found it fitting to place such a wall, even though they found no hard evidence of any such monsters north of the Last Lake.
The name of the wall was conceived by Ser Bas Elkwood, one of the most known thinkers and knights of the years 5,280 - 5,310 AC (mainly the years of the construction of the End Wall), and because they thought no human civilizations live north of the Last Lake. This notion is and was false. Later, the humans still living in the frozen land around and beyond the Last Lake showed themselves, but they needed not friendships with the north allies and kingdoms, but wanted supplies.
The northern kingdoms looked at the strangers as foes, and drove them away. And since then the End Wall also marked the dividing point between two of the northern civilizations.
The End Wall recruits men the same way the Gate Wall does, by the surrounding lords and kings.
This wall reaches 500 feet, because the monster it was supposed to protect from, is supposed to be almost 100 feet tall. The side of the wall facing the north has thousands of spikes on its face, making the climb up almost impassible.

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