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Here you shall find info about the eight elements of Duerol, namely: NOTE: Only the highlighted elements are currently ready, the others will be so soon. -Roni

Here is some info about these elements:

Fire -
As all know, this is the same heat generating substance which is found, on our own earth, and the sun itself. But in Duerol, this is one of the building elements. Its job: to produce all the heat and the warmth to the races and gods of Duerol, you might ask - what about the sun? - Well, there is no sun, No real one at that, just an optical illusion, a creation of the God of Art, and so are the stars. It does produce some light, but it is not real, just some sort of physiological illusion, that is not really there. And so the fire element does its own job of keeping the world warm (or at least somewhat warm) during the day, and a bit colder in the nighttime.
The fire gods are the ones who are in charge of keeping this element tempered, and control it, a little bit. But do not mistake them for the makers of this element, does are the High Gods, The Five. And so the fire gods only maintain the element.

Water -
This element is much like the fire, only that it is its opposite, for water take out fire, but fire and heat dry the water. This element controls the water and the water resources on the multiverse of Duerol, and so the gods of the water element control a great deal of the peoples and animals lives on Duerol.
By water, I also mean ice. After all ice is water in a solid state. But the water element gods prefer water in its liquid state to the water in their solid state. And therefore much more water (liquid, of course) is present over the ice.
Now, to the issue of rain and snow and cloud. Well, the water element includes this as well. The gods in order to make their 'job' easier, made a time that it rains and snows, and a time it doesn't (sort of seasons). The only difference between the seasons on Duerol and on our world is that the times of the rain and snow aren't always the same (e.g. there could be a year which it never stops raining and a year in which it doesn't even start to rain.), that and the fact that the times are global (well, on some planes the issue changes).
Like in the fire issue, the gods of water are not the creators of water, those are, again, the High Gods.

Earth -
This element is the matter of everything inorganic (stones, dirt, lava etc.), all things but: fire, water, energy and air. Earth gods are the ones who control the rumble of the earth, and the geography.
Their greatest 'invention' is the many changing lands; lands which in the topography changes every couple of minutes (or hours, or days, or months). These lands are the areas called, Gods Wrath, because a great deal of people died there. The many Foul Worshipers are fond of making their human sacrifices in that area, mostly by waiting for the man to be crushed or stabbed by a mountain peak.
Though some being worshiped the earth in the foulest of ways, some learned to respect it and even love it. Those being were called - Morallies - or in the common tongue - Earthliers. These hated all that hurt the earth, and hated all that "pained" the earth, namely, Miners and Foul Worshipers.
Some earth gods found the Foul Worship to the earth something evil and bad, while some found it very intriguing, they liked it. They took the liberty of placing many avatars of their divine godhood with the communities of the Foul Worshipers, and attracted more and more power into their arms.
Again, the creators of the Earth are the high god, with some aid from their children.

Air -
This element is the main life giver in most parts of Duerol, unlike on our world, where water is the main life giver. The gods which control the Air element, are, of course, the Air Gods, they are the ones in charge of the density of air components, and so on.
Though the main use for air is it's life giving abilities, there is yet another use, the gods made the air to be some sort of passage for mental and divine messages between themselves and their minions, it is also a way of transportation for divine and other, non divine, beings. The gods made the air the best way for their transports.
Some mortals, unknowingly, have even came in physical contact with their chosen gods.
The only races to fully understand the ways of air transportation are the Ereldor and the Ancient dragon-kin.

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