The Gods' Age

The dawn of the Five. This age is the making of the five, the making of the high
gods. As far as we know, the Five were created by the Fragile, the one entity that came to pass by a great shift in the old world's magical structure. The old world was a system of seventeen great planes, with races much different than those we know from Duerol.
The Fragile was the only god of the old world, and so, upon the massive overload that dropped on his shoulders, he broke the world, he shattered its magical structure until it was no more.
After the Fragile completed his work, he spawned five overly divine children, the Five we know as our high gods. After he completed the creation of them, his own life force shattered. That is the reason for which we call him the FRAGILE.
It took the five six million years to reach "adulthood", which is actually the time it took them to charge their divine forces. Upon completion of the divine charge (28,000,000 BC), they created their on children, the numberless gods we know.
The first physical plane was the master plane, the high gods' home. With the aid of their children they made the four main planes (the Prime plane, the Godly plane, the Foul plane and the Lower plane). After the creation (23,000,000 BC) of the four main planes, the gods took rest, leaving their numberless children to rule over the happening, but, they did not do that before separating their children into areas of control Order, Chaos, Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Afterlife and etc.
After the gods were separated, they started to work on the building of the planes, the many planes, with some help from the high gods, they made the eight elements: fire, water, earth, air, life, death, light, dark. Once they completed the building of the elements, they set out to take those eight elements and to use them to make the physical multiverse we know as the vast Duerol. By mixing the eight elements they came up with such thing that seem bizarre, lava, ice and other anomalies. Some would think that the creation took a long time, but, it took about 1,500,000 years. And that is not as good as most people think, this short time is actually the overall time it took them to: design, test and build the thousands of planes, so, they didn't put much thought into what they were doing, and we see that in the extreme terms some planes give the inhabitants. In the general design for the planes (as much as we know), the gods did not want to create plane which are dependent on other planes, they want plane which living thing can live in, and not in harsh conditions.
Once the planes were created, the gods saw something very strange, inter bubbles of planes, the oval planes touched each other and created more planes in between those places of touching planes (SEE PLANES IN DUEROL).
Once the gods completed the overall creations of the planes, they started to think of their new work, life.
The first life form they created was a simple one, a white, high and slender living thing, we call, the Ereldor Elves. The most thought out race of them all (TAKE NOTICE TO HOW THE ERELDOR SPEAK OF THEMSELVES). It took the gods 1,000,000 years to create the near perfect Ereldor.
The Chronic God, Aeshaleoased, once said:

"As the creation of the planes was at completion, all the gods, be them death, life or even fire, decided life should be created on the many land we had brought forth, those that are now called Ereldor, the first, in their own language. Once we had made them, and de dwelled on our lands, we knew that if we could not make their lands better, they would not live and would not suffice. We came to their homes, one by one, and chose those who we're ready, and willing to leave their families, the small families that they then had, and come with us to determine their own land.
Since all the lands we made were of dead substances, we had to build other living thing, those were the little and big, but not the smart, plants, small viruses and so on. Once they knew what we had built for them, they went to explore the land, so never returned, though we know they live, as Dark Ereldor, living in the under structure of the Prime Plane. Soon, a great deal of them was back, and they had set a place on their minds, the island of Neoforket, which later they named Normash. They built their cities all around the island, and the main one was Ereldor, called as they were called, the first.
Over the ages, they began to feel somewhat alone, in Normash and in the all multiverse. So, as all parents want, we too wanted to make our children happy, and so, we made the High Elves, they were, and are, very much alike the Ereldor, which we called elves as well, but they are not as smart as their brothers, they chose to live on the area we called, Wecol, later to be called Okol. They, the High elves, after we told them of other life on their plane of existence, sailed off to Normash, to meet these creatures. They were astonished at the way the Ereldor had made their cities, and the way they lived. Some, being totally amazed, decided to work as servants of these better being. And so, over the years, they made a new kind of living being, one we called the Nereldor, and the Ereldor themselves called, Half White Elves. They acted to these beings with manners that we're so vile, we took them to another area of the prime plane to dwell in, they went to the far east, as far away from the Ereldor and the High elves as they could, they took the land we called Deonewor, and after some years, they called the Elven Empire, for they had posts over the whole east, and some of the north."

After the three main elven kinds were on the lands, the gods decided to create something entirely new, a whole series of beings that lived savagely, they made the creatures we call animals. From dogs to the giant half horse half ox, Melofer (20,500,000 BC).
The remaining years were made to bring forth the humans, the all average all dumb, humans (SEE HOW THE ERELDOR SPEAK OF THE HUMANS). They took the north and south, leaving the elves in the middle. They lived as savages for the next millions of years, and non of the wiser races, the elves, wanted to see them, not until they got any better at the basics.
After the making of the humans, the Gods' Age was done, and over.