As the years rolled on, and the wars played on, the gods found it very unmeaning to care for their children. By now, the gods saw the pesky races of the planes very dull and dumb. The only race they made any contact with was the Ereldor.
The other races found it a sign that they were doing something very wrong, that they are breaking the rules and will of the gods. The various religious factors started mass inquisitions, killing and redeeming many. The gods saw this as a nice show of the human ignorance.
One very important chapter grew during these years, the chapter of the Foul Worshipers, which found the death a sign for the havoc and chaos the Foul Gods supposedly sent their fathers those years before, and so, the chapter grew till it reached a size that challenged the former great chapters, followers finally arose and showed their faces, which for so long have been hidden in the small underground chapels and communities. Suddenly, men found out their smith was a Foul Worshiper, as well as the caretaker for their children, and they started to push them away.
This was the cause of the first and largest religious war that Duerol witnessed, the Throne Wars.
These wars took place all over the land, from the islands of the south to the mainland and the north. This was one of the bloodiest wars ever.
These were like a plague, a civil war raging around the world; the only safe people were the Ereldor, which had the best seat for the show.
Kings fought their sons; lords fought their lordlings, brothers fought amongst each other.
The following part was a part of a villager's diary and life story, the man's name was Ree Moothee, he lived in the south of Duerol, on a south island and in a large village:

By dawn they had broken the barn doors, twenty of them, wearing blood red clothes and blood red masks. I saw my uncle and my cousin amongst them, they were chanting. Loor and I took bows, and the other men took swords.
It was the third day of the fighting, and they were much more organized and disciplined than us, we killed as many as we could but they kept coming, every day with renewed forces. They had no mercy, no remorse, no repent, they killed everything that stood in their way, beast, men, women and children, even those which surrendered where killed.
I had about sixteen arrows, and my breathe was full with hatred, they had killed my son and my mother, my father was with sword in hand and slashing through them. I took my bow and loaded it. I shot. The hit got my cousin in the belly, he dropped down, in blood. My uncle then went into a frenzy, but Loor took his time and shot a arrow to his chest. I patted him on the back. He smiled.
Soon there were only five of us, including me, my father, Loor, Loor's oldest son and old Keng.
I looked at them, all bloody, and smiled, another kill, another child saved.

The wars raged for thousands of years, on and off, until the Foul Worshipers were sent back to the underground (about 4,994,521 BC). The following years were quiet and still godforsaken.
As the years went by, the gods found that their power on the land is dwindling fast, their believers were outnumber by unbelievers. This people have not been taught about the gods, like the men of the past ages, and they didn't witness priest-to-god contact like the men from the past. For thousand of human lifetimes, and hundreds of elven lifetimes, the gods cared not of the people.
As soon as the gods found that they were getting bored and were weakening in their heaven, some went back. The first were the Chronic Gods, the Gods of time, they began a massive contact with the priest and prophets, and does spread the word of the gods return. Many came to the chapels made for the time gods, and were bless, some have even spoken with their gods, and so, the gods of time began to draw hundreds, then thousand, then millions of believers to their side, and became one of the major god factions of that time. Soon follow the other gods, and they were all welcomed back.
The following is a text written by one of the first priest to receive the gods' words, he went by the name of Albor Nemm, of the city Westsong:

I haven't slept for days now, the thought do not need the pesky sleep, and the gods apparently don't either. The preaching was the best one I have had in my whole life. The chapel was filled to the point of no more space. And the quiet, it was amazing.
It all started that day, three days ago, I was awaken at the middle of the night, but no one was present, I looked around, and then I spotted it, a faded out image of a thin amazing women, she was shooting light rays around the room, once she got my attention.
I got down on my knees, and asked her why she came to my humble home for, she smiled and helped me out.
"I thought that in a chapel that celebrated me I would find the most honorable man for my words," she said and her voice was heavenly.
Then I understood, I was looking at Feraashael herself, the goddess of time herself!
I muttered some words, but neither I nor her understood the words, but she just smiled and kissed me on the forehead.
"My dear man of belief," she said, "I come holding the news of the gods return after a long age of forsaking you humans and elves and dwarves and other creations of our own love and life force." She kissed me again, "here, have this, as assign to show your people, that this is the truth you say to them, the gods are returningů Prepare!" she handed over a signet and vanished into thin air.
Since then I don't sleep, and since then I feel that my prayers are listened to, if not answered.
That morning I went up to the city bell tower, and enhanced my voice magically, so that all will hear, I rang the bell fifteen time and said, "I HOLD THE NEWS OF THE GODS RETURN! TO HEAR THE FULL NEWS, COME TO PRAYER TODAY AT THE FIFTH CHIME OF THE BELLS!"
That evening, the men and women gathered at my chapel and heard the news, and touched the signet to feel the power of words, and the truth.

By the year of 2,865,012 BC all the gods were back in contact with the races on the prime plane and the other major planes. This started to build up an age of advancement, were new magic was found and the technology advance somewhat.
Soon (up until the year 0 AC) the gods found that the building of the world they started those millions of years ago, came to an end, now, they began to only supervise and listen to the words of their chapel masters and believers.
That concludes the age of the forsakers, soon begun the days of war.

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