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-30.7.2004 - Quite A Long Time!
How do you do? I'm Fine, Thanks.
Okay, so, after over a month of no work, I bring forth a large update, The Third Age of Duerol! and The Northern End Wall! ENJOY!
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-21.6.2004 - Elements, Yes, Elements!
How have you been? Good to know.
Finally, I come forth with new info for you to read, Elements! Almost a mounth since the last update, so I made somthing big for my return, and there you have it! Enjoy!
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-26.5.04 - Some Races... And Some Artwork... Sorta
Well, well, we meet again! I've been hard at work, but not for the site, what can i say, MATH TEST! But, now that the nightmare (which turned out to be quite a pleasant one), I bring to you... The Second Age of Duerol! And some info about the Gnomes... Enjoy!
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