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What is carpe dm?
It is based on "Carpe Diem" which means in latin "Seize the day", the way I hope I live by...my motto one might say.

      What Is This Site All About :.

This site contains:
A. Some of my art work (digital gallery/art design gallery)
B. My web comics project
C. In the near future... well you'll just have to read on.

Note: This is my first website and I'm an ametuar artist, so please forgive any mistake you might find (and notify me gently)

       My web comics project :.

I'm working on my web-comics project and I'm always grateful for ideas and artists contributions so if you think you have "it" and wanna join in for the ride contact me.

       What the future holds? :.

The list of future plans for this site is a mile long of things I'm going to add but for starters:
Tutorials - digital graphics
and of course more of my comics
so please come again and feel free to contribute and remember - "carpe diem"

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You must include the copyright notice in any copy that you make.
You may not change the materials found in the "carpe-dm" Web site without permission from the site owner.

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